Mastering Q4: Utilizing Amazon’s Q4 Traffic with Search Query and Consumer Behavior Dashboards

Analyzing increased Q4 sales on Amazon doesn’t just stop at looking at your dollar revenue, margins, and ROI. You should also evaluate the increase in traffic both in keyword search results and on your product listings. In order to make the most of this increase in traffic, look to Amazon’s Search Query Performance and Consumer Behavior Analytics Dashboards. These Amazon Dashboards are available on any seller accounts with Amazon Brand Registry. Not only do they allow you to see where Amazon customers are dropping off in the sales journey to your products, but they can also be used to highlight new product opportunities in your selling categories. Search Query Performance Dashboard Within Brand Analytics on Amazon Seller Central, you will find the…

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Mastering Q4: Elevate Your Brand with Amazon Brand Tailored Solutions

What are Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions? Amazon has recently introduced a new promotional tool called Brand Tailored Promotions that helps sellers acquire new customers and build brand loyalty. This exclusive solution allows you to offer promotional codes to your potential and new customers. Promotions can range from 10% to 50% off on all products and can be given to specific customer types to boost customer conversions, repeat purchases, and customer retention rates. Who is the Target Audience for Brand Tailored Promotions? Brand Tailored Promotions enable you to tailor promotional codes to smaller segments of Amazon’s customer base across six audience types: Brand Followers, Repeat Customers, Recent Customers, High-Spend Customers, Potential New Customers, and Cart Abandoners. Audience tailoring based…

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