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Brand Capital Marketing (BCM)

Are you in need of a trusted trademark licensing agency?

Brand Capital Marketing (“BCM”) is a leading corporate trademark licensing agency that develops partnerships that benefit both our clients (brand owners) and their licensing partners (typically manufacturers). We specialize in representing recognized and trusted corporate trademarks/brands of companies who are leaders in their respective markets. Our team has developed some of the industry’s most successful and enduring brand extension licenses across 100+ consumer product categories, resulting in over $1 billion of retail sales.

Why manufacturers should consider licensing

For manufacturers, the cost required to build a trusted brand is expensive, often takes years, and there is no guarantee of success.  This is the most common reason that most new product launches ultimately fail.  On the other hand, licensing partnerships pairs manufacturers of quality products with well-known, trusted brands.  The resulting synergies include:

  1. Immediate recognition, trust, and acceptance by both consumers and retailers at a cost significantly less than required to develop and generate awareness and trust for a new brand

  2. Differentiated products from the competition and the ability to compete on more than price

  3. Expanded distribution and the ability to capture market share from competitors

Success Story: Country Living Magazine

Hearst Media recruited BCM to be its exclusive licensing agency to identify and strategically license the Country Living brand into new product categories in and around the home that fit with the brand equity, lifestyle and consumer needs.  

The majority of the new Country Living product launches have focused initially on e-commerce sites including Amazon, Wayfair, HomeDepot.com, SamsClub.com, Kohls.com, Overstock and other Direct-To-Consumer sites. E-commerce enables faster consumer engagement and unlimited shelf space relative to traditional brick and mortar retail.  Since Country Living / Hearst is a media brand, its licensees have reaped the added benefit of having Hearst's own marketing and promotion activities complimenting their regular marketing activities.  Hearst's marketing of the licensed products includes its print and/or digital editorial/ads, social media, email/database mailings, PR, etc.