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Brand Guarde

Do you need help controlling resellers across ecommerce marketplaces?

Brand Guarde helps companies protect their intellectual property on eCommerce marketplaces, namely Amazon and Walmart’s platforms. Their software and services focus on getting rid of rogue resellers and restoring pricing control — this means that brands can hone in on growing profitable sales again and achieving real ROI.

With a hands-on and personable approach, they like to say that they are “Software Powered, but People Focused.”

MAP Pricing Enforcement doesn’t work. This is how Brand Guarde has created an enforcement strategy that earns real results:

  1. Utilizing their advanced software, Brand Guarde completes an encompassing audit of ASINs across Amazon and Walmart’s marketplaces providing a full report of a company’s Buybox Win Percentage, MAP Pricing Violations, and accompanying reseller contact data.
  2. As a veteran in the eCommerce monitoring and enforcement software space, the company has a unique database of over 500,000 seller profiles and their contact data. This distinction arms their team with the (often hidden) information needed to be a leader in unauthorized seller enforcement and removal.
  3. Updating with evergreen data instantly — BuyBox wins, unauthorized seller reports, and an enforcement log — their software platform acts as a CRM for all brand enforcement actions. Their team monitors this data closely and utilizes it to remove the problem sellers that directly impact a company’s BuyBox share (and ultimately bottom line).


"On Amazon we were experiencing some lost Buybox issues and part of the problem was Amazon’s platform obscures seller’s information and it leads to a lot of manual effort which as you know takes a ton of time. It wasn’t uncommon by the time we had sorted out who and how they were getting the product that particular seller may have moved on. So we wanted a way to shorten that timeline."
—Jesse Kellar | Legal Operation Manager @ Tile


"When we first partnered with you, you had this full database and record of these customers, or at least ways to get information on some of these resellers. And then the repeat outreach that we've seen you guys do where it's not just one letter, it's multiple and then it escalates, if needed and if those letters aren't sufficient and bringing people down. I think just that regular communication, and then being able to identify sellers because you know, Amazon doesn't—you can pick any name and it doesn't necessarily have to be an address that matches. It's real detective work that happens. And so we've seen quite a bit of success in our reseller count drop off since using Brand Guarde."
—Bethany Johnson-Chard | Director of Marketplaces @ Bulletproof