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Buy now pay later

  1. Are you experiencing out-of-stocks and need to fund additional product production?

  2. Are you expanding to additional channels and need to stock up on inventory?

  3. Are you considering running Amazon DSP advertising or any other off-channel marketing?

Clearco's Buy Now Pay Later service is a great way for you to finance investments in your business (or your ongoing service subscriptions) so that you can grow sales and worry about covering the costs later.  Clearco has already deployed over $2.5 billion to 4,500 eCommerce sellers to help grow their businesses.  Clearco can offer much larger advances (up to 10MM) compared to Amazon Lending.  Specifically, the Buy Now Pay Later rate is only 4% to the client is much lower than Amazon Lending. If your brand is on HINGE Axis, you may be able to get immediate financing approval.

how it works

  1. Clearco reviews your eCommerce performance via HINGE Axis and uses this information to help you get instant pre-approval for invoice financing. If you have generated at least $10K per month over the past 6 months, and you are incorporated in the US or Canada, you should qualify for BNPL.

  2. Once you are approved, your vendor will be sent the payment directly within 72 hours of approval.

  3. Clearco is re-paid from the revenue disbursements from your eCommerce marketplace(s), so your payback is synchronized with your revenue.

Reach out to Clearco to learn more about this program. Don't let cash flow get in the way of your business growth!

HINGE COMMERCE is pleased to announce our partnership with Clearco (formerly called Clearbanc). Clearco's "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL) service allows eCommerce sellers like you to finance your invoices now, enabling you to focus on growth now and pay back later.