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Nielsen iq

Looking for powerful omnichannel retail insights?

Nielsen IQ has teamed up with HINGE COMMERCE to combine the power of HINGE’s eCommerce expertise with Nielsen’s traditional retail and multichannel insights. Together we are helping large and small CPG companies optimize their omnichannel retail strategies.

Why companies should consider the analytical insights of nielsen

Nielsen IQ is the worldwide leader in measurement and data analytics, providing the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. HINGE COMMERCE is a leading full service eCommerce agency, with a full staff of experienced eCommerce experts and proprietary technology, to accelerate online sales.  HINGE COMMERCE has over 150 years of collective eCommerce experience, and a proven track record managing over 250 brands and $600 million in total gross online sales.  

Success Story: The NielsenIQ & Hinge Global Partnership

How we can help grow your sales:

  1. Nielsen IQ identifies the retail channels with the greatest sales opportunities

  2. HINGE COMMERCE audits the company's eCommerce business on key marketplaces to prioritize the actions necessary to optimize operations.

  3. HINGE COMMERCE oversees all of the eCommerce activities required, or partner with the manufacturer to take on key aspects of the work, including:

    • Keyword research and copywriting to maximize organic search,

    • Creating and managing paid digital advertising to optimize ROI

    • Case management, listing generation and Marketplace account oversight to ensure smooth eCommerce operations

    • eCommerce business tracking, Amazon competitive brand share tracking, monitoring third-party sellers and tracking MAP compliance, and more.  

  4. Nielsen IQ monitors results across channel results to track the broader business impact.