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eCommerce Management

Encompasses all our core teams holistically

Creative Services

Optimizes data-backed copy and visual content

Retail Media + Advertising

Grows profitability in any marketplace

Digital Marketing

Develops a comprehensive marketing plan that spans multiple channels

Digital Shelf Services

Content auditing, reporting, testing, and analysis

Fulfillment Services

Providing solutions to simplify growth and channel expansion opportunities

When you invest in Hinge Commerce, you gain a trusted growth partner.

We celebrate your wins together.

We drive results.

We don’t just talk about them, we actually deliver them.

Our seasoned team of experts combines cutting-edge strategies with actionable insights to help your eCommerce business thrive. Through careful analysis and optimization, we strive to maximize your conversions and profitability, increase your revenue, and propel your brand ahead of the competition.

An optimized SEO and marketing strategy extends visibility and reach
Using best-in-class creative content makes algorithms happy and connects with the consumer
Improving relationships requires effort, mutual understanding, and collaboration, and is the key to success
Make sure your brand look and feel is the same across any and every channel your product is sold
It is imperative to keep up with parameters and nuances of each retailers, including compliance factors
Implement robust tracking mechanisms to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns and regularly test different ad variations
Don’t take our word for it,

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At Hinge Commerce, we believe that the success of our clients speaks volumes about our expertise and dedication. Our data-driven approach has helped businesses of all sizes achieve remarkable success in the world of eCommerce. See what they have to say.

Extend your brand presence seamlessly across all eCommerce marketplaces

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It’s a winning combination.

Fueled by technology + data.

Built by Amazon experts, our proprietary software equips you with the only tool needed to propel your business forward.

Fueled by technology + data.

Built by Amazon experts, our proprietary software equips you with the only tool needed to propel your business forward.

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HINGE COMMERCE is a technology-driven, full-service eCommerce consulting agency. We help you grow your eCommerce business by delivering expert marketplace content and omni-channel consulting.
eCommerce Management
  • Data driven strategy with action steps to drive success
  • Product, price/promotion, search, and competition insights
  • Catalog listing creation and management
  • Inventory demand planning
  • Optimized product listings and enhanced content services
  • AMS and DSP advertising optimization
Creative Services
  • Provides current content audit with competitive landscape
  • Offers photography and videography services
  • Provides fully optimized copy and retailer-specific SEO
  • Optimizes Marketing Tiles, Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon A+ and A+ Premium, Brand Stores, and more

Retail Media + Advertising

  • Verified Amazon Ads Partner
  • Deep understanding of AMS and DSP ad format
  • Omnichannel advertising
  • Experience with CitrusAds and Criteo
  • Reduces wasted ad spend on day 1

Digital Marketing

  • Developing a comprehensive marketing plan across multiple channels
  • Creates automated flows for email marketing
  • Utilizes SMS marketing for quick and efficient message delivery
  • Repurposes enhanced content to boost conversion with informed buying decisions

Digital Shelf Services

  • Evaluates current online presence in an audit to identify gaps
  • Offers data-backed ideas for A/B testing with content to see what resonates best
  • Reports results of content strategies and optimization efforts
  • Improves your online retail strategy with an actionable plan
Fulfillment Services
  • Handles fulfillment direct to consumer
  • Resolves marketplace prep requirements with ship Direct-to-Consumer practices
  • Creates Virtual Bundles that can easily be tested and executed
  • Stays ahead of consumer demand and backs up to traditional fulfillment during peak times to avoid loss of sales from out of stocks