Comprehensive eCommerce
Full Channel Management Services

Our expert team grows brands through data-driven strategy and flawless execution.

We know the eCommerce struggle is real.

But as your trusted partner, we turn your growth opportunities into success.

The Need

Brands face profitable growth challenges in eCommerce. Why? Lack of focus and expertise. Brick-and-mortar strategies don’t translate to eCommerce.

The Want

As a brand, you look for a strategy-driven, cost-effective solution flexible to the needs of your business and accountable for their performance.

The Challenge

Other agencies provide retail operation services with a short-term focus. Additional partners would then be needed to solve for content optimization, paid advertising, and long-term goals.

Sound familar?

Hinge Commerce has
The Solution

Our eCommerce channel management services provide a holistic solution. Our cross-functional experts ensure an Omni-Channel approach to your eCommerce strategy. Channel Management encompasses all our core teams, so our full scope of abilities is at your disposal.

Omni-Channel Marketplace Agency Management

We handle Amazon Seller Central (3P), Amazon Vendor Central (1P), WalMart, + more.

Account Management

Account Managers lead the channel management experience.


Tackles the day-to-day tasks so you don’t have to.


Verified partner of Amazon Ads at your service.

Creative Services

Provides meaningful content backed by data.

Always Elevating Performance

We treat your business as our own, always focused on top-line and bottom-line results.

Our team offers growth opportunities that are not only price driven; we develop strategies for product page and variation optimization, search trend opportunities for current catalog listings, bundles, and future product opportunities.

The Hinge Commerce expert services team stays up-to-date on the complex and ever changing platform policy updates, regulations, fees, and service offerings; ensuring that you don’t have to. We have a depth of knowledge on Amazon, Walmart and other platforms in which each person is focused on their areas of expertise to ensure that we can stay flexible to your e-commerce business needs. We provide a team of dedicated resources that are focused on your brand and work seamlessly together. At Hinge Commerce we base our compensation on performance to ensure shared accountability.

We make working with us simple.

From day one, we collect the assets we need in order to handle the rest. Here’s how:
  • Once you sign up, we begin onboarding so we can learn about your brand as quickly as possible.
  • We collect all your brand assets and information for our Creative Services and Project Management teams to begin the work of creative alignment and listing optimization.
  • Our Account Management, Operations, and Advertising teams have a Brand Strategy Kick-Off with you to discuss your goals, account, sales performance insights, and discuss high-level strategy initiatives.
    • As we review performance, we build a Launch Plan within the first 45 days of our partnership that outlines our initial strategy.
    • Key areas for focus: Assortment & Competition, Promotion and Price, Search Trends/Insights, Operational Opportunities, Advertising, and Next Steps.
    • This Launch Plan will be aligned upon and managed during bi-weekly calls with your Account Manager.
    • As our partnership grows, expect weekly sales performance recaps with bi-weekly meetings to discuss results, insights, and action steps. We review your project tracker for in-season tactical issues and pre-season strategy planning.
    • We build out an annual financial plan with a numbers-based approach on how to strategically achieve it: This includes monthly forecasts and check-ins on performance.
    • We perform bi-annual or annual Business Reviews where we dive deep into your performance and provide insights on search and competition trends with action steps to achieve your goals.

    Experience + Expertise

    We keep our fingers on the pulse of all things eCommerce. Here’s the proof.

    We are product agnostic.

    From CPG brands to apparel, pet, supplements, and more, we’ve got experience in every vertical.
    Technology Advantage

    When making informed decisions about your eCommerce business, there is certainly no shortage of data to consider. Understanding historical performance, profitability, and determining product focus can be daunting.

    That’s where HINGE COMMERCE’s Hinge Axis platform comes in.

    Request a call with an expert today.

    We’re ready to take on your accounts so you can focus on your brand.
    Account Management
    • Data driven strategy with action steps to drive success
    • Annual plans & monthly forecasts
    • Product, price/promotion, search, and competition insights
    • Vendor negotiations
    • Main point of contact with Hinge Commerce
    • Account health & performance
    • Listing creation & management
    • FBA/WFS inventory demand planning
    • Inventory reconciliation, fee reimbursements, and chargeback disputes
    • Brand Registry and more…


    • Verified Amazon Ads Partner
    • Deep understanding of AMS and DSP ad format
    • Omnichannel advertising
    • Experience with CitrusAds and Criteo
    • Reduces wasted ad spend on day 1


    • Provides current content audit with competitive landscape
    • Offers photography and videography services
    • Provides fully optimized copy and retailer-specific SEO
    • Optimizes Marketing Tiles, Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon A+ and A+ Premium, Brand Stores, and more