Keeping Up with eCommerce
is Stressful

Our team of dedicated Operations Specialists can provide the eCommerce help you need to keep you on track through all facets.

Omni-Platform Expertise

eCommerce is a constantly evolving ecosystem. Keeping up with each retailer’s platform requirements can be daunting. Our team of dedicated US-based Operations Specialists have more than 25 years combined of eCommerce experience. We’re omni-platform experts, from Amazon to Walmart and Shopify, we have you covered.

We can provide all of your day-to-day operations needs. This includes: inventory replenishment, reimbursement recovery, chargebacks, uploading and QAing content, auditing and resolving suppressed listings and stranded inventory, and more.

Dedicated & Flexible Services

eCommerce is not one size fits all, and neither is our operations service. We have a flexible team that can analyze and identify the unique challenges your business has. Our goal is to help resolve the acute issue and optimize your sales potential for the long term. Leave the tactical issues with us so you can focus on growing your business.

If you have an eCommerce challenge, we have your solution:

Weekly Inventory Demand Planning (FBA & WFS Replenishment and Shipment creation).

Monthly Shipment, Inventory, Fee, and Chargeback Analysis with Case/Dispute Management.

We proactively perform daily audits, including checking Account Health metrics to reduce the risk of account suspension. If you are suspended, we have expertise in creating a Plan of Action (POA).
Expertise on required documentation to gain approval.

Upload and QA of optimized content and variation relationships to ensure maximum sales results.

Clear documentation to guide the brand owner through the process + our team’s support to navigate issues.

Dedicated Case Management with consistent follow-up to resolve issues.

Always Elevating Performance

The Hinge Commerce operations team stays up-to-date on the complex and ever-changing platform policy updates, regulations, fees, and service offerings; ensuring that you don’t have to. We have a depth of knowledge on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. Having a US-based team means that we can work with you during your business hours to resolve any challenges you may face. Not only do we resolve issues, but we deep dive into your internal operations to help remove pain points and find the root of the issue.

Your success is our success, so we strive for excellence across all facets of eCommerce.

How Our Operations Team Works

From day one, our operations team will perform a full account audit to determine challenges and opportunities for your account. This includes performance notifications, account replenishment issues, out-of-stock SKUs, and any reimbursements that we can quickly recover for you.

Interested in only recovery services? Learn more here.

In partnership with your Account Manager, your assigned Operations Specialist gathers demand planning information to recommend replenishment inventory for FBA, WFS, etc. We create and monitor your shipments every step of the way. This includes resolving delivery delays, as needed, by working with platform transportation teams to get your shipments picked up and on their way.

We perform daily audits for health-related account issues and resolve any stranded listings or suppression issues as well as negative feedback removal, if possible. You can expect weekly FBA/WFS inventory replenishments and shipments, with increased levels leading into seasonal peaks and promotions. Our team performs monthly reimbursement audits on FBA shipments, inventory adjustments, FBA fee discrepancies, vendor chargebacks, and more. Listing creation, content uploads, and variation set up and maintenance can be done as needed.

Experience + Expertise

We keep our fingers on the pulse of all things eCommerce. Here’s the proof.

We are product agnostic.

From CPG brands to apparel, pet, supplements, and more, we’ve got experience in every vertical.
Technology Advantage

When making informed decisions about your eCommerce business, there is certainly no shortage of data to consider. Understanding historical performance, profitability, and determining product focus can be daunting.

That’s where HINGE COMMERCE’s Hinge Axis platform comes in.

Ready to let us do the heavy eCommerce lifting?

The expert Hinge Commerce Operations team is here to help.

HINGE COMMERCE is a technology-driven, full-service eCommerce consulting agency. We help you grow your eCommerce business by delivering expert marketplace content and omni-channel consulting.

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