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BIOSTEEL: CLEAN. HEALTHY. HYDRATION.™ BioSteel’s mission is to create the healthiest and most trusted sports hydration products on the planet. Whether you’re a pro-athlete, the next generation of athletes, a weekend warrior, or just living your everyday life, BioSteel is the better for you hydration option. The best kept secret in sports is no longer a secret. With 5 essential electrolytes, BioSteel’s Hydration Mix is designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day with great-tasting, instant hydration.



Health & Wellness


November 2022 – January 2023


AMS/PPC Management
DSP Management


United States and Canada

The Challenge

BioSteel was a growing brand on Amazon in both the US and CA regions, using a hybrid account setup (1P Vendor & 3P Seller).
BioSteel, a leading brand in the sports nutrition industry, was determined to increase its brand awareness and drive new customer growth through its Amazon advertising efforts. As the company prepared for its busiest month of the year, January, which is also known as the “New Year, New You” month, it set strict Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve 100% Year-over-Year (YoY) growth for new-to-brand orders, to improve overall account Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and to manage the highest ad budgets to date. With Hinge’s unwavering focus on achieving these goals and having already managed the account with MoM and YoY increases, the bar was set high.
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“Hinge Commerce has been a critical eCommerce partner for BioSteel. Hinge’s deep expertise in eCommerce, and their outstanding day-to-day management of our Amazon business, have helped us win in the marketplace across the US and Canada. The sports nutrition category is highly competitive, with many entrenched players with deep pockets. Selecting the right partner can be challenging, be sure to ask the right questions and be informed of your agency’s strategy for your business. Find the right balance with managing Amazon to work with them to achieve the desired results.

The Solutions

Amazon DSP

Using Amazon DSP, we targeted in-aisle shoppers who had never purchased from BioSteel. These DSP ads focused on introducing BioSteel’s hero hydration product to show the product as a solution. DSP campaigns also utilized remarketing with different creatives to focus on getting customers back to the product page.

Having DSP with Amazon Marketing Cloud assisted us in learning which campaigns in AMS overlapped to identify which efforts could improve NTB further. As in AMS, we focused on increasing our ad budgets away from Sponsored Products and into Sponsored Brands and Display to focus on more upper-funnel activities. Sponsored Display campaigns used a combination of remarketing and contextual targeting to push customers closer to purchase intent. Sponsored Brands utilized video creatives to educate the customers using growth targets on BioSteel’s products.

AMS/Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Display

During our strategic marketing efforts, we made a deliberate and concentrated effort to expand our reach and engagement by focusing on the release of an increased number of Sponsored Display campaigns. Our team recognized the immense potential that lay within this particular ad type as we realized its capability to serve as an integral component of a holistic funnel strategy. By leveraging the audience lookback windows within various relevant categories, we could craft highly tailored and impactful campaigns that generated awareness and nurtured the advertised products throughout the customer journey. We deployed a mid-funnel retargeting approach to create a comprehensive and effective funnel strategy. This involved strategically positioning BioSteel ads to reach customers interested in the advertised products or engaged with similar products. By utilizing audience lookback windows, we established a dynamic and adaptable system that ensured our ad reached the right people at the right time.
Furthermore, we recognized the power and influence of Sponsored Brand video ads in driving customer engagement and generating new-to-brand (NTB) orders. Seamlessly integrating these video ads into our overall strategy enhanced brand recognition, boosted engagement rates, and ultimately drove conversions.

The Results

The synergy between the various elements of our funnel strategy, including Sponsored Display campaigns, audience lookback windows, mid-funnel retargeting, and Sponsored Brand video ads, DSP, all resulted in a highly effective and cohesive approach. By employing these tactics, we could generate new-to-brand orders, driving growth and revenue for BioSteel’s business.

BioSteel saw an increase in NTB Orders, Sales YoY, and MoM. While doing so, we improved ROAS and managed a higher overall budget increase.

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