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“Our strategic partnership with Hinge Commerce, and their supportive teams, helped us yield positive results for many of our brands and products. Their expert creative services team provided excellent work and assets that enhanced our brands and gave them an outstanding presence on the digital shelf. Dominique’s project management, open communication, and support were instrumental throughout the entire process. We look forward to working with Hinge Commerce more in the future.

The Problem

Chateau Ste Michelle has several different wine brands that not only needed more robust and improved eCommerce content, but they needed new content for retailers they’ve never sold on before.

Breaking into new retailer sites can be challenging, as they all have different content compliance requirements. It’s not always as easy as using the same exact copy and imagery from one retailer and using it on another.

They were also looking for a way to scale their eCommerce content. With so many brands, it can be a challenge to create effective content that is not only on brand, but also speaks directly to the consumer in a way that will convert sales.

Our Approach

Research + Development
  • Researched the competitive landscape across eCommerce retailers to see what other players in the wine space were doing with their content
  • Created a creative deck to ensure the client approved of our ideas and content so that we could more precisely scale their content across their portfolio
Creation + Implementation
  • Differentiated, elevated, and applied brand voices to all of their eCommerce content for their different brands when developing copy and image content
  • Utilized stock imagery and limited brand assets to create on-brand and consumer facing marketing tiles
  • Developed eCommerce copy that not only told the story of each product, but was also compliant and met all of the requirements for the respective retailers we created for

Our Solution

The Copy

The team at Chateau Ste Michelle provided Hinge Commerce with access to the Spring Valley Vineyard brand book, original D2C website listing, product sell sheet, and additional notes. There were no existing listings available for the task at hand – copy for Kroger, Target, and Walmart.

We took all available information to craft evergreen listings for the Katherine Corkrum Cabernet France Red Wine. They combined tasting notes, important features, the brand story, and SEO keywords to increase online exposure and help improve product sales. Everything was completed while adhering to each platform’s strict standards.

Here’s a snippet of the final listing:
“Crafted with minimal intervention and estate-grown fruit, Spring Valley Vineyard Katherine Corkrum Cabernet Franc Red Wine uses grapes that are hand-picked, hand-sorted, and gently de-stemmed by gravity. The vineyard lies amid the picturesque wheat fields of Washington, giving this medium-full-bodied red wine herbal undertones. Rich in history, each wine is named after a Derby-Corkrum family member who succeeded in farming the same land where the vineyard and winery now flourish…”

The Design

For the Spring Valley Vineyard project, the client had limited design assets. They provided a digital banner, some photography, a deck with their social media and website appearances, and the wine bottle labels. After looking through the client website to get inspired, our creative team based the look for the new imagery off of the visuals and overall tone of the website. There was a clear focus on family heritage, the wine making process, and an admiration of the old west. We leveraged everything mentioned to create the marketing tiles you see on the various eCommerce sites.

Working with our Creative Team is easy.

Our process has been tested and refined, and we are positive it can work for you.

We look at what competing brands are doing in eCommerce to see how it might impact the work we’re doing. Are there any trends or content elements we should incorporate? It’s important to note that we’re not simply copying competitor work, we’re looking at trends and seeing how our team can execute in a better and more impactful way.
Our team develops a Creative Deck with example copy, imagery, and below the fold content for the client to review and approve. From here, we can use it as a guideline for the rest of the content creation.
We take the Creative Deck to then scale up copy and image creation for the remainder of the client’s SKU list. Being able to use the client-approved Creative Deck when scaling up content helps us save time by reducing the time spent in the review cycle.
After the content is reviewed and all necessary updates have been made, we receive final approval from the client. Once we have final approval, the eCommerce content is officially finalized.

Ready to get started? So are we.

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