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with HINGE Content Commerce

Create and optimize digital content for today’s largest online retailers using data-driven technology and best-in-class creative.

Why Choose Content Commerce:

Identify missing creative assets and benchmark quality of existing assets against top category performers using Hinge Global’s proprietary software.
Using results form the Gap Analysis, Hinge Global will create new copy, image, and video assets taking into account the brand’s look and feel.
Customization of all copy, image, video, and advertising assets to meet each Retailer’s formatting requirements and best-in-class approach.
Analyze the efficacy of the content optimization and continuously A/B test different parts of the Product Detail Page using retailer specific tools and Hinge AXIS.
Updating existing content to address changes in retailer requirements and continuously optimizing based off results from the A/B testing and reporting.

Retailer Reach

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HINGE Axis is a state-of-the-art Amazon software that helps you save time and grow your Amazon Seller Central business. Increase your productivity and optimize your operations using our single integrated platform. The HINGE Axis software is unique in that it enables Amazon sellers, vendors, and distributors to monitor your results in real-time, optimize your product catalog, delegate workload to your team members, and more, all from a single hub.

Within 72 hours of registering, you will get:

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Content Commerce is the digital shelf solution every brand needs to address the constant evolution of online retailers.


Using category specific keywords and retailer specific listing copy, Hinge Global will improve SEO and organic sales for each product online.


Product specific Marketing Tiles, Videos, and Enhanced Brand Content modules can improve conversion by double- and triple-digit percentages.


Optimized PDPs and Creation of Motion Graphics and Videos to drive advertising campaign performance.


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SEO + Copywriting
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Content Ownership
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Paid Search Management
PIM Management

What our clients are saying:

Logo of bimbo bakeries usa featuring white, red, and blue color scheme with american flag motif.
“HINGE COMMERCE made the content creation and upload process on Salsify seamless! Their team did a great job of researching 8 of our brands, building out compelling Enhanced Content pages that increase conversion, and they worked to ensure that the content met the requirements for multiple online channels. We look forward to adding additional Enhanced Content pages and optimized copy with HINGE COMMERCE in the future.”
Bimbo Bakeries, USA
Logo of vapor apparel featuring an abstract swirl design next to the brand name.
“The HINGE COMMERCE team have been incredible partners to Vapor Apparel on our eCommerce journey. They have helped us optimize our digital content across multiple channels. Additionally, their PPC efforts deliver a strong Return on Ad Spending, and they are helping us get our content uploaded onto channels like Walmart.com through their Salsify partnership. HINGE helped us fast-track our gaiters during the peak of the COVID pandemic, and they continue to run new product opportunity assessments to help us drive our future business growth.”
Vapor Apparel
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“We are so pleased with the photography work HINGE COMMERCE produced for Hershey’s Foodservice. From the coordinated pre-production meeting, to the flawless 2-day production, all the way through the post-production delivery, HINGE COMMERCE made this large-scale project seamless. The GDSN formatted photography allowed Hershey’s to provide all of our buyers and distributors with best-in-class content in a cost-effective manner. We look forward to working with HINGE COMMERCE on future eCommerce projects!”
The Hershey Company


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