How Backend Keywords Drive Search Ranking on Amazon

Vapor Apparel

We worked with Vapor Apparel to help them increase their organic search, improve their paid advertising performance, and improve their return on ad spending. See how the changes we made to their backend keywords made a huge impact.





March 2020 – April 2021


Listing Copy


United States

Brand Overview

Vapor Apparel is the manufacturer and decorator of performance apparel, specializing in soft and comfortable UV sun-protective clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Our Mission: Build the best sun protection shirts and accessories for your outdoor adventures. You’ll love our performance clothing because it’s quick-drying, cooling, provides UPF 50+ sun protection, and looks as good as it feels. It’s time to Seize the Ray!

“The Hinge Commerce team has been an incredible partner to Vapor Apparel on our eCommerce journey. They have helped us optimize our digital content across multiple channels. Additionally, their PPC efforts deliver a strong Return on Ad Spending, and they are helping us get our content uploaded onto channels like through their Salsify partnership. Hinge Commerce helped us fast-track our gaiters during the peak of the COVID pandemic, and they continue to run new product opportunity assessments to help us drive our future business growth. Vapor Apparel’s eCommerce is poised for great things this year, thanks to Hinge.

The Challenges

Hinge Commerce managed eCommerce channels for Vapor for over a year. We handled end-to-end Amazon marketplace management including overall strategy, content optimization creation and upload (i.e. images, copy, enhanced content (A+), and storefront), AMS/PPC advertising management, overall platform/listing management, demand planning/inventory replenishment, and troubleshooting day-to-day issues. As our partnership evolved, we pushed for opportunities on several fronts, including previously optimized content provided by Hinge Commerce.

Listing Copy

Opportunity to refresh to capitalize on significant search trend changes that were occurring due to the COVID pandemic and other seasonal shifts.

The Solutions

Hinge Commerce’s team of copywriters regularly updates the keywords for the listings that we manage. We do this every 4 to 6 months to capture new trending keywords, reflect shifts in competition, and account for seasonal consumer behavior.
Our most recent copywriting updates for Vapor Apparel happened in early February 2021. Changes were made to the backend keywords (the front-end copy had previously been optimized in late 2020) across 651 products.

The Results

As a result, organic search results improved dramatically, resulting in an average organic search rank improvement from 66 to 25 in just a few months. (Organic search rank is the position on the page as a result of search: a lower ranking means that the product achieved a higher position on the page.)

Improved copywriting also improved paid advertising performance and improved return on ad spending. Additionally, overall sales performance increased by +22% vs the previous year!

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