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DM Fulfillment Services


DM Fulfillment and Hinge Global have partnered to provide an end-to-end eCommerce solution called TurnKey Commerce.  This solution spans from demand creation to wholesale multi-channel distribution and omnichannel dropship fulfillment. a seamless solution for online brands and retailers.

TurnKey Commerce helps eCommerce businesses save time, reduce costs, and make more money while simplifying growth and channel expansion opportunities.  TurnKey Commerce empowers brands and sellers to allocate internal resources to other activities while providing access to proven eCommerce infrastructure, expertise, and extensive experience.

Services & Features Offered

The way TurnKey Commerce works is simple:  DM Fulfillment will buy the product from you at wholesale (leveraging DM Fulfillment), and you reap the benefits of leveraging Hinge Global's eCommerce agency services without having to pay fixed fees. Hinge Global and DM would represent your brand exclusively on channels such as Walmart, Amazon, Target+, Zoro, Chewy, Ebay, Alibaba and more.

As a result, TurnKey Commerce provides online sellers with:

  1. Wholesale Distribution + Third-Party Fulfillment + eCommerce Management: We buy your products and manage the online retail selling your products for you as a service. Provide 3PF for DTC, online retail, and marketplace demand creation, content optimization, and order processing in multi-channel scenarios with same-day order fulfillment and one or two-day delivery speeds for most products, for 99% of the country.
  2. Distributor + eCommerce Management: This provides you the ability to outsource the customer acquisition and commercial negotiations, operational and logistics and management of eCommerce, search optimization, marketing management, and demand planning to many major online retail sites.
  3. Efficient Inventory Management:  Enabling sellers to consolidate the inventory requirements for different eCommerce channels under one roof, rather than having to dedicate inventory for each channel. In addition, sellers can save money and streamline product bundling with virtual bundling capabilities.
  4. Market Expansion: Our comprehensive omnichannel integrations can help product companies reach new online retailers and audiences across multiple leading online sites.
  5. eCommerce Expertise and Resources:  To oversee the day-to-day operations for all your channels, or just the most labor-intense channels.  These activities include copywriting, digital design, paid advertising/PPC and Amazon DSP, and more.
  6. Access to Ground-Breaking eCommerce Technology: This proprietary platform, HINGE Axis, consolidates critical functionality in one place, enabling sellers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors to manage all aspects of their eCommerce activities across all channels.