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with Hinge Commerce

Create and optimize digital content for today’s largest online retailers using data-driven technology and best-in-class creative.

Why Choose Hinge Commerce:

Identify missing creative assets and benchmark quality of existing assets against top category performers using Hinge Commerce’s proprietary software.

Using results form the Gap Analysis, Hinge Commerce will create new copy, image, and video assets taking into account the brand’s look and feel.

Customization of all copy, image, video, and advertising assets to meet each Retailer’s formatting requirements and best-in-class approach.
Analyze the efficacy of the content optimization and continuously A/B test different parts of the Product Detail Page using retailer specific tools and Hinge AXIS.
Updating existing content to address changes in retailer requirements and continuously optimizing based off results from the A/B testing and reporting.
Orange sign with the words "grocery shop" in white lettering.

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HINGE COMMERCE is a technology-driven, full-service eCommerce consulting agency. We help you grow your eCommerce business by delivering expert marketplace content and omni-channel consulting.

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