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Our best-in-class creative eCommerce work helped Bullstrap see huge growth and success on Amazon. By working closely with their team and finding the best way to tell their product stories, we were able to develop something special.



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September 2020 – June 2022


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Brand Overview

Bullstrap is a leader in technology-focused leather accessories that feature products compatible with Apple Watch Straps, iPhones, AirPod cases, AirTags, and more. We bring you the luxury you deserve. With an unrelenting passion for the best of the best, the search for the top hides, craftsmen, and designs began. This level of quality is what sets Bullstrap apart today.

Creative black and white Bullstrap logo featuring a stylized bull silhouette.

“We really value our working partnership with Hinge Commerce. Bullstrap is a company that prides itself on its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The Hinge Commerce team really shares our values and has managed our Amazon business with the same passion that we have. It hasn’t been easy to keep up with this platform, but we really appreciate the expertise and dedication that Hinge Commerce brings to the table.

The Challenges

Bullstrap was a new brand/3P Seller to Amazon in the highly competitive marketplace of technology-based accessories. Their product catalog of high-quality leather accessory products required differentiation vs. cheaper brands/sellers on Amazon.
  • Listing Copy: Not keyword optimized for SEO and traffic opportunities on Amazon.
  • Product Images: While product image assets were beautiful, they lacked text overlay with feature/benefit messages, as well as compatibility and sizing information to help drive conversion.
  • Catalog Management: New iPhone releases and product launches required parent/variation updates to ensure a seamless customer experience.

The Solutions

Listing Copy

The content strategy required telling a clear “feature and benefit” based story. This would ensure their products’ value, not just price, was front and center to customers. Their full catalog needed content optimization and catalog management, in addition to a cohesive Amazon strategy for keyword and advertising management.

Hinge Commerce started by optimizing Bullstrap’s copywriting to ensure keyword-rich product detail pages (PDPs) that were relevant and up-to-date in the highly competitive and ever-changing Apple accessory category. The secret to great copywriting is to artfully blend channel-specific keyword research with persuasive and clear writing, all while staying true to the integrity of each brand’s voice.

Here’s a snippet of the final listing:

“- Premium Quality: Our case was crafted using leather from some of the most exclusive
tanneries. It is made from supple, top-quality, 100% leather and designed to meet the highest of

– Patina: Our luxury case will come to life as the leather ages over time, creating a patina unique
to you and your lifestyle. Please note that due to the one-of-a-kind finish, the final look of each
case will vary slightly.”

Product Images

Hinge Commerce updated Bullstrap’s product images to include text overlays, lifestyle images, and video. Text overlays (also called marketing tiles) help consumers quickly understand what the product benefits are, functionality, dimensions, etc. These text callouts help consumers quickly understand product benefits and are particularly effective on mobile devices. Lifestyle images help convey how the product can be used. Lifestyle images are essential to help consumers visualize how the product will fit into their lives.

Leveraging video content on the product detail pages has also helped drive the business. Using video helps distinguish the brand’s product content from its competition and helps tell a more complete story. Amazon’s research shows that 20% of the visitors to their marketplace make a purchase as a result of watching a brand or product video.

The improvements in copywriting, updated product images, and video have helped increase Bullstrap’s clicks by 16%, and click-through rates by 45%. Because sales history and projected sales trends are key drivers in Amazon’s search engine, best-in-class copywriting and product images help drive the flywheel.

Enhanced Content (A+)

Hinge Commerce is unique in how data-driven we are, even in our design work. Our process is as such: we carry out an audit of the top 50 selling competitors to find creative gaps and opportunities in the category, understand trends in product offerings, determine how to creatively position the brand to drive share growth, and strategize how to differentiate the brand and compete with top performers without going head-to-head on price. In Storefronts and A+ Content (Enhanced Content), we lean heavily on visual communication.
Our approach with Bullstrap’s Enhanced Content was to focus on answering more detailed customer questions that may not have been addressed in above-the-fold content: showcasing the brand’s unique story and level of quality, as well as building cross-sell opportunities to ensure the customer needs are fulfilled within Bullstrap’s entire catalog.

Amazon Storefront

Hinge Commerce’s expert Digital Creative team designed an Amazon storefront that catches shoppers’ attention, communicates brand benefits visually, drives conversion, and encourages cross-shopping. Importantly, having a great Amazon storefront lays the foundation for Sponsored Brand advertising, as well as off-Amazon advertising.

Where possible, we also included video and 360 spins to better tell a visual brand story. Amazon has found that Stores with at least one video saw, on average, 12% higher shopper dwell time compared to Stores without a video.

The Results

As a result of Hinge Commerce’s creative content and design work, Bullstrap’s sales on Amazon grew by +24% vs. the same time the year before. The brand’s organic sales and its advertising efficiency both leaped by double digits. Bullstrap has a highly gift-able product catalog, and Hinge Commerce helped deliver +56% sales during that year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Our best-in-class copywriting, product images, and enhanced content were critical to delivering Bullstrap’s success.

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