HINGE COMMERCE is partnering with a publicly-traded designer handbag and luggage company, to manage their Amazon Vendor business.

When HINGE first took over management of this business, there was an overwhelming number of unauthorized third party sellers, and the average selling price was declining. Out-of-stock issues were prevalent, and profitability was a major challenge.

HINGE COMMERCE established a 3-year plan to provide strategy and total Amazon channel management including account audit, forecast and demand plan, graphic design, listings, A+, brand storefront search optimization, sales, marketing, advertising and promotions as well as a path to transition to Seller Central for greater brand control. The first impact we had with Amazon was to claw back $600,000 in fees identified in our audit that were erroneously charged to our client over the previous year. In the initial quarter of our engagement, we grew sales by 100% compared to same quarter a year prior. Over the first year, we helped dramatically reduce 3P sellers (increasing the buy box significantly), improved COGS 55%, and increased profitability by 11% with marketing performance of 9.5X ROAS.

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