Advertising on Amazon: Best Practices Checklist

The following is a quick, yet comprehensive checklist for Amazon advertising best practices.

  1. Does Your Amazon Advertising Take Advantage Of All Ad Types?
    You should have a presence on the full range of advertising types to enable you to both grow your brand and defend against competitors. This means that you should be leveraging Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads, to maximize your ROI.  Video advertising on Amazon can be particularly effective, so be sure to consider video formats and not just static images.
  2. Are You Using Branded Keywords and Product/Category Keywords?
    The proportion of your advertising budget that you allocate to each type of targeting will be driven by your advertising strategy.  To optimize your advertising strategy, be sure to have branded keywords as well as growth terms.  These targeting types should span keywords, specific products, key product categories that are appropriate for your brand, as well as remarketing tactics. All of these Amazon advertising strategies will allow you to target your specific audience or recapture customers that have previously visited your listings or made a purchase in the past.
  3. Are You Harvesting Keywords Frequently and Analyzing the Results?
    Amazon’s automated campaigns allow you to identify the keywords that are leading to sales conversions, as well as which keywords may be leading to clicks but are not converting.  To get the most from your advertising budget and maximize the ROI from your advertising spending, it is important to analyze the keywords from your auto campaigns frequently.
  4. Are You Optimizing Your Campaigns Frequently?
    You should not simply “set it and forget it.”  Because of the high degree of competitiveness on Amazon, and the number of new sellers and new products added to the marketplace every week, it is critical for brands to optimize their advertising campaigns every day or every few days, depending on the market conditions.  Highly competitive categories or those segments with a lot of new entrants should be optimized more frequently.  Market conditions and the number and types of competitors can have an impact on your business. This is why we recommend checking your campaigns daily so you can make micro-adjustments if necessary and keep your advertising campaigns competitive.


HINGE COMMERCE has a proprietary scoring system to assess the strength of the advertising strategy, and whether there are opportunities to optimize it further.  We identify where we can help improve the efficiency of advertising spending in order to generate more sales for the same budget, or where there may be wasted dollars being spent.


Reach us at to request a free Amazon Advertising account audit. 


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