A finger pressing an orange button labeled "Amazon's Choice," a badge boosting sales and trust, on a blue fabric surface.

Boosting Trust and Sales: The Power of Amazon Badges

Boosting Trust and Sales: The Power of Amazon Badges Imagine navigating a bustling marketplace filled with millions of products. As a customer, making informed decisions amidst overwhelming choices can be daunting. Trust becomes paramount. This is where Amazon badges, vibrant visual cues embedded within listings, shine like guiding stars. They act as instant trust signals, whispering to potential buyers, "Hey, I'm a reliable option!" But what exactly are these badges, and how can you leverage them to propel your brand forward? Buckle up, sellers, because we're diving deep into the world of Amazon badges. Decoding the Badge System Think of badges as mini awards displayed on your product listings. Each badge boasts a unique meaning, from the coveted Amazon's Choice signifying high…

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Amazon Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save: New Year, New You and Beyond

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, brands are constantly searching for ways to stand out, build lasting relationships with customers, and of course, boost their bottom line. Enter Amazon's Subscribe & Save (SnS) program, a powerful tool that can unlock a world of recurring revenue and loyal customer engagement. What is Subscribe & Save? Imagine a world where your customers automatically receive their favorite products from you, without lifting a finger. That's the magic of Subscribe & Save. Customers can choose to receive regular deliveries of eligible products at predefined (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) intervals, enjoying convenient replenishment and exclusive discounts. It's a win-win scenario: shoppers save money and time, while brands secure predictable revenue and foster customer loyalty. Benefits for Brands,…

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A close-up view of a monitor displaying various Amazon FBA Fees 2024 analytics and metrics.

New Amazon 2024 FBA Fees

Yesterday, Amazon announced changes to their fees affecting FBA and other services. This annual fee increase announcement has become the new normal over the last few years and will increase costs for sellers on average by ~5-10%, depending on the product category.  Experienced Amazon experts can navigate these annual fee changes with minimal impact on their business by understanding what Amazon’s goals are. In the case of this recent announcement, Amazon’s goal is to optimize logistical costs by spreading inventory throughout the Amazon network; if you help achieve that goal, then these fee increases can be minimized. Below we have a breakdown of each change, its effective date, and what that will mean for your business. As always, if you…

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Bug Spray

Sale of Pesticides within California

In addition to federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements on the sale of pesticides in the United States, further requirements apply for sales on certain pesticide products at the state level. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) requires the registration of certain pesticides sold in the State of California. Amazon checks all pesticide products to confirm whether they are registered in the State of California according to the CDPR requirements. Pesticide products requiring registration that are not active in the CDPR database cannot be sold into California. Note: This restriction will not remove the products from sale in the Amazon store, but it does mean that the product will not be available for sale into California until it is registered with…

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