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Fast-growing Cincinnati company launches product to help small businesses manage eCommerce

A fast-growing Cincinnati company has launched a new product to help companies handle e-commerce with plans to continue expanding through people and capital. Hinge Global, which manages e-commerce for companies looking to do business on Amazon and other large online platforms, rolled out its second version of Hinge Axis this month. The new software-as-a-service product, originally launched in February, enables small companies as well as large ones to benefit from Hinge’s expertise and data to effectively sell their products online. The key is the new product’s capability of storing data and analytics in one place and allowing users to publish it to the marketplace. It’s also more cost-effective, particularly for smaller companies, at $49 a month. It’s targeted at any…

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Hinge Global Helps Chair the 2019 Digital Food & Beverage Trade Show

Join the Hinge Global team in Austin TX on July 15-17 for the Digital Food & Beverage Trade Show! This 3-day event involves 450+ digital marketing and e-commerce leaders from the most disruptive companies in food and beverage, to discuss e-commerce and digital marketing best practices. Every flavor of the industry will be represented - retailers, brands, techies and service providers. There are $22 billion reasons to attend the Digital Food & Beverage Trade Show - that’s the estimated value of online grocery shopping in the US in 2019! Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and many local supermarkets are offering shoppers a variety of ways to have groceries delivered; Walmart dominates curbside pickup, while Amazon dominates direct-to-consumer delivery. In fact, Food & Beverage is…

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Digiday | ‘The Problem is Pervasive’: Inside PopSockets’ Fight Against Amazon Fakes

PopSockets is one of several Amazon vendors bringing attention to counterfeit products sold online with a lawsuit filed against a seller on Amazon. PopSocket decided to pull their business from the platform since they couldn’t maintain brand control or their reputation with the resulting counterfeit products. Not all companies have the resources to spend so much on brand protection as PopSockets, which did $200 million in revenue in 2018, does, and Killingsworth said the brand’s need to both use Amazon’s anti-counterfeit tools as well as file a lawsuit demonstrates that Amazon’s own measures aren’t enough. As Amazon looks to win over brands that have resisted the platform, it’s a warning.

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