Boost Your Conversion Rates with Creative Content

The average product conversion rate on Amazon is 9.5%*. Are your product listings above or below the average rate? Best-in-class creative content helps your item standout and boosts your conversion rate, which can drive higher sales. Did you know that some break-through creative content can generate conversion rates of 50% or more?

Amazon allows short videos to be included in product listings. Videos and digital animations can be more effective than static images because they can demonstrate the functionality of a product, and describe the benefits or advantages more easily than words. Video can be more eye-catching and hold people’s attention longer than text alone. Below are two examples of short, creative videos that can leave a lasting imprint for your Amazon customers.

The above video on the left, titled “Product Image Creative Video,” can be placed directly in your product images on your Amazon Product Display Pages (PDP). This is a great way to grab the attention of your consumers once they have landed on your product page. The video on the right, titled “Product Feature Video Sample,” can be utilized on your Amazon storefront. HINGE COMMERCE can also help you create full production 360 degree videos of your products for your PDP, such as below.

Great video on the product listing page should be short, not rely on voice-over, and describe the product functions clearly. HINGE COMMERCE has designed content for over 150,000 products, and we can help create unique content for you on any channel! Reach out to learn more!

*Conversion rate is based on the number of people who buy your product as a percent of the total number who view your product.
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