Record-Breaking 2020 Amazon Prime Day

The 2020 Amazon Prime Day (which happened on October 13-14) was a record-breaking event.  According to the research firm Edison Trends, spending on Amazon’s U.S. e-commerce site on Oct. 13–14 rose 36%, compared with Prime Day in 2019 (held last July).  HINGE COMMERCE’s performance exceeded these results – our clients grew by 123%, almost 3.5X the Amazon average.  Unit volume increased by 193% versus last year’s Prime Day event.  Our break-through digital content, coupled with our sophisticated PPC and AMS management, yielded an average 6.4% conversion rate, and 4.4X Return on Ad Spending. 

The HINGE COMMERCE team delivered these results by following a carefully planned Prime Day strategy.  We executed a wide variety of promotional options (beyond the pre-selected Amazon Gold Box Deals).  We developed an AMS strategy in conjunction with product promotional strategy to ensure additional campaign options and budgets were secured.  And importantly, careful demand-planning and compliance with Amazon FBA regulations ensured that our clients had sufficient inventory on hand to meet demand. 

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients, Vapor Apparel:

“We are blown away by our Amazon Prime Day results this year, thanks to the HINGE COMMERCE team.  Our sales grew by almost 50% vs. last Prime Day, with a 71% increase in conversion rate and double the number of page views!  Our ROAS was 6.5X, showing great advertising effectiveness.  Big thanks to the HINGE team for managing our promotions, marketing, and operations to ensure a seamless Prime Day.  We’re looking forward to seeing great results for upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday too!”

Jackson Burnett, President – Vapor Apparel


Reach out to us to learn how we can help your business win with the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions on Amazon, and other marketplaces!

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