e.l.f. Beauty Inc is a $300MM cosmetic company based in California. The brand is positioned to be “for every eye, lip and face,” and sells a range of products including eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, as well as its top-selling facial primer.

e.l.f. Beauty engaged HINGE COMMERCE in May 2019 to re-establish sales momentum on the Amazon channel in the US, Canada, and the UK.

HINGE COMMERCE created 261 new listings and optimized 84 existing listings. HINGE COMMERCE leveraged our automated listing audit process to scrub the entire catalog of more than 1500 SKUs, optimizing the listings, and fixing a number of issues on the account.  All this resulted in a 453% year-over-year increase in sales versus a year ago!

HINGE COMMERCE also created 15 A+ enhanced brand content pages, and uploaded these to nearly 400 listings.  HINGE created an Amazon storefront for e.l.f., to help improve performance for Sponsored Brand advertising.  After the new content was in place, the brand’s click rates improved by 356% in December versus a year ago.   

Finally HINGE COMMERCE implemented a new comprehensive AMS strategy for e.l.f., focusing on paid advertising at the subcategory level and focusing on specific use cases and target groups. HINGE changed the mix of Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand advertising. Our AMS best practice is to use a blend of both manual and automated bidding to get the best of both approaches. All of these steps resulted in a 65% increase in Return on Ad Spend for the brand.

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“We are grateful to the entire HINGE COMMERCE team for their support in getting our Amazon channel back on solid footing. Our Amazon business is now in great shape, as a result of the new creative content, AMS strategy, listing optimization, and all of the day-to-day account clean-up that the HINGE COMMERCE team implemented.  I’m excited about the business performance!”

Ekta Chopra, e.l.f. Beauty CTO/Digital Transformation Executive

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