“ARA Premium” is Renamed “Amazon Brand Analytics”

In the next few weeks, businesses on Amazon Vendor Central will notice that “ARA Premium” is being renamed “Brand Analytics.”  This change will make the name of the report consistent with Amazon Seller Central. This name change is not a surprise as Amazon has slowly begun making programs offered on the two different platforms more consistent.  Unfortunately, there is no information yet on whether there will be any changes to the Brand Analytics reports themselves.

Amazon Brand Analytics is a useful program to enable you to see how your consumers on Amazon are interacting with your products and your competitors, including providing marketing basket data, item comparisons and consumer demographics.

How do you qualify for Brand Analytics?
You must be a Brand Owner enrolled in Brand Registry, and you must be internal to the Brand and responsible for selling the Brand on Amazon.  Starting on April 1st, 2020, enrollment in Brand Registry will become a prerequisite for Vendors in order to qualify for Brand Analytics. (Vendors who already had access to ARA Premium as of January 31st, 2020 will have access to Brand Analytics until April 1st regardless of their enrollment status.) Access to Brand Analytics is subject to all applicable Amazon Terms and Conditions.

What if you are not a Brand Owner?
Vendors who are not Brand Owners, or who are Brand Owners but are not enrolled in Brand Registry, will retain access to Amazon Retail Analytics Basic (ARA Basic) for their data and reporting needs.

Is there a fee for Brand Analytics?
As with ARA Premium, there is a fee for Brand Analytics on Amazon Vendor Central. Brand Analytics is available at no charge for businesses on Amazon Seller Central. When HINGE COMMERCE reached out to Amazon to inquire whether there would be a change in fees, Amazon responded with the following note: “Kindly know that ARA Premium is rebranding as Brand Analytics and will be offered as an extra benefit for vendors registered with Brand Registry, all the terms and conditions, remain the same and will still be subject to charge.”

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about Brand Analytics or if you would like our help filing for brand registry!

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