Mastering Q4: Elevate Your Brand with Amazon Brand Tailored Solutions

What are Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions?
  • Amazon has recently introduced a new promotional tool called Brand Tailored Promotions that helps sellers acquire new customers and build brand loyalty. This exclusive solution allows you to offer promotional codes to your potential and new customers. Promotions can range from 10% to 50% off on all products and can be given to specific customer types to boost customer conversions, repeat purchases, and customer retention rates.
Who is the Target Audience for Brand Tailored Promotions?
  • Brand Tailored Promotions enable you to tailor promotional codes to smaller segments of Amazon’s customer base across six audience types: Brand Followers, Repeat Customers, Recent Customers, High-Spend Customers, Potential New Customers, and Cart Abandoners. Audience tailoring based on past purchasing behavior enables you to identify Amazon customers who are most likely to engage with your brand while helping you improve return on investment on discounted promotions, increase sales, and improve customer retention.
What are the Promotional Benefits?
  • There are many benefits to using Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions, including:
    • Increased sales: By targeting specific customer segments with relevant promotions, sellers can increase their sales.
    • Improved customer loyalty: By rewarding loyal customers with exclusive discounts, sellers can improve customer loyalty and retention.
    • Enhanced brand awareness: By creating targeted promotions, sellers can increase brand awareness and visibility.
    • Greater control over promotions: Sellers have greater control over their promotions, including the discount amount, the target audience, and the promotion duration.
What is the Cost to Run an Amazon Brand Tailored Promotion and Are You Eligible?
  • Brand Tailored Promotions are available to all sellers that are registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. The best part is that it’s currently free!
How to Use Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions
  • To use Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions, sellers first need to create a Brand Tailored Audience. This is a group of customers who share similar characteristics, such as purchase history, demographics, or interests. Once a Brand Tailored Audience has been created, sellers can create a promotion to target that audience.
    • When creating a promotion, sellers can specify the following:
      • Discount amount: The percentage off that will be applied to eligible purchases.
      • Target audience: The Brand Tailored Audience that the promotion will be targeted to.
      • Promotion duration: The start and end dates for the promotion.
      • Promotion code: A unique code that customers can use to redeem the discount.
Best Practices
  • Target the right audience: Make sure to target your promotions to the right customer segments. This will help to ensure that your promotions are relevant and effective.
  • Use a compelling discount: Offer a discount that is attractive to your target audience. A larger discount is likely to generate more interest and sales.
  • Promote your promotions: Make sure to let your customers know about your promotions. You can do this by sending them emails, posting on social media, and adding banners to your website.
  • Track your results: Keep track of the results of your promotions to see how they are performing. This will help you to identify what is working and what is not, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

In conclusion, Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions is an exclusive solution that will help you build your customer base and brand loyalty in Amazon’s store by offering promotional codes to your potential and new customers. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help you build lasting customer relationships and drive sales.

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