Mastering Q4: How to Have a Successful Holiday Season on Amazon with Fulfillment by Amazon

As the excitement surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday continues to build, sellers on Amazon are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. To ensure a successful Q4 with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), it’s crucial that your inventory has arrived at Amazon or is already en route. With the frenzy of the holiday season fast approaching, preparation is key for Amazon sellers. Let’s delve into Amazon’s recommendations and strategies for a seamless Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales experience.

Let’s start with the timeline Amazon recommends:

        • 10 – 12 weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday is when you should be deciding what products you’re selling for the holiday season. Look at what your bestsellers are, examine new product trends, and prepare stock for the impending increase in sales. At this time, it’s also helpful to review your FBA storage capacity and request more if needed.
        • 7-9 weeks before, restock your inventory. If necessary, create removal orders to make space for your better sellers. Product should be shipped out to Amazon’s warehouses at this time.
        • 4-6 weeks before, stay on top of your products. Fix your stranded and suppressed products, and look out for other issues your products may encounter. Getting a helpful support agent may be difficult during Q4, so be sure to work on a problem as soon as you notice it and do what you can to prevent these issues from happening.
        • 3 weeks before, advertise your brand. How can your products get more views and, therefore, experience increased sales? By creating advertisements, coupons, and other discounts.

Amazon recommends that your products arrive at Amazon warehouses by October 26th for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you haven’t already sent the inventory you plan on selling, it may not be received in time. But don’t worry, you’re not out of options! If you have a warehouse that’s capable of handling the increase in sales, you can use it to ship your products through Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) instead! Click here to learn about the advantages of dual listing as FBM and FBA.

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