New Feature on Amazon: Request a Review

Amazon has released a new feature for sellers on Amazon marketplace for product reviews. Sellers can use this feature to request reviews once per order between 4 and 30 days after the date the order has been delivered. This limited time frame is to ensure that shoppers receive relevant, recent review requests and in turn, give reviews on products that are top-of-mind.

The “Request A Review”feature can be found in Seller Central under Orders. In the order details there is a new button for “Request a Review”. Below is a snippet of where you can locate this feature.

Buy Messaging is still a separate review option, which is where sellers previously had automated emails from Amazon sent to customers requesting reviews.These emails asked how the seller experience was, in addition to asking for product rating, which contributed to reviews mixing the two.

Amazon recommends that sellers take advantage of this feature. Amazon stated “if you would still like to request a review for a specific order, we recommended that you use the Request a Review feature on the Order Details page instead of asking the customer via email or Buyer-Seller Messaging.” Additionally, Amazon will suppress a request if sellers try to send more than one review request on one order. This restriction is in place to prevent potentially”spamming” customers.

For now, Amazon will still send out their normal email seeking feedback. However, the Request a Review feature will help guide customers to leave a review specifically for the product, not the seller.

Below is a view of what the customer will see when receiving the review request.

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