This is NOT the time for business-as-usual. It’s time to pivot!


In the face of the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, brands need to get their Amazon businesses running as efficiently as possible. Here are the tools and services to help you quickly pivot your Amazon business:


  • If you are FBA, are you faced with long or uncertain warehouse replenishment times? If so, you do not want to run out-of-stock. You need to update your demand planning forecasts and apply careful inventory management. Be careful about your promotion and AMS strategy for any SKUs that are running low. HINGE COMMERCE has automated technology to manage your marketing dollars and shift your AMS to higher stock inventory.


  • Are your Prime Shipping times longer than 7 days? Prime Shipping may now take anywhere between 3 days to 37 days. HINGE COMMERCE has an automated report to help you assess the FBA delivery time for each of your products. You may want to migrate key products that have delayed Amazon shipping to Fulfill By Merchant.


  • Are you set up to sell Fulfill by Merchant?  If not, HINGE COMMERCE can help you get your products listed on Amazon FBM,, or Shopify within 14 days!  We call this service Marketplace FastTrack.


    • The Marketplace FastTrack package includes:
      • Account set-up and approval to sell
      • Listing up to 20 basic listings
      • Fulfill by merchant training: we’ll go over all steps required for you to fulfill orders yourself and maintain a healthy account
      • Up to 5 consultation hours: after your account is set-up, we’ll provide you with up to 5 consultation hours to address any additional questions you may have.


Reach out to us to see how we can help you pivot your Amazon business to adapt to these challenging times.

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