Blue-9 Pet Products is an Iowa-based company that creates quality dog training accessories for canines and their owners. They strive to make life easier by developing great products for training and working with our beloved four-legged friends. Blue-9 Pet Products began when the professional K9 training community revealed the need for a platform designed specifically for training dogs. After developing and testing several prototypes, and gathering extensive input from respected trainers, veterinarians, and animal behaviorists, The KLIMB platform was released for sale in 2014. The following year, The KLIMB was named the 2015 Editor’s Choice Award by Pet Product News.

HINGE COMMERCE has managed Blue-9’s Amazon business since June 2020, and since that time, HINGE has helped nearly double the size of their business, driving sales up by +75% vs. year-ago.   The key drivers of this phenomenal growth included:

  1. Best-in-Class Product Listing Creative Optimization:  HINGE COMMERCE created 13 product listing pages which included 86 child ASINs of optimized listing copy and 252 product images.  This has helped grow organic sales by +37%

  2. Conversion-Driving Enhanced Content:  Designed and uploaded 3 A+ enhanced brand content.  This has helped achieve conversion rate of 6%.

  3. Innovative PPC/Paid Advertising:  Although AMS was being utilized prior to partnership start, Hinge expanded use of campaign targets and keywords.  As a result, Blue-9’s RoAS is now $6.21  (more than 2X the average Amazon ROaS).

  4. Diligent Listing Optimization:  HINGE COMMERCE updated or fixed 615 listings, and created/resolved 147 cases to resolve issues with Amazon.


“We are very happy with the partnership from HINGE COMMERCE.  Their wide range of eCommerce expertise, as well as strategic consulting, have really helped accelerate our Amazon business.  They have stepped in to help us with design, copywriting, advertising, market research, listings and demand planning.  We look forward to big things in 2021 and beyond.”

–David Blake, President – Blue-9 Pet Products


HINGE COMMERCE is planning big things for Blue-9 in 2021, with additional growth fueled by copywriting updates, new Advertising (AMS) strategies, bundle pack products, and promotions.  HINGE COMMERCE is also helping Blue-9 think about future new product opportunities for Amazon, and expansion into other eCommerce channels.

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