With greater B2B shifts to online commerce (which has only accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic), B2B companies are recognizing the importance of investing in digital commerce.  HINGE COMMERCE recently updated the product photography for The Hershey Company for use on their distributor sites, such as Sysco and US Foods.

“We are so pleased with the photography work HINGE COMMERCE produced for Hershey’s Foodservice. From the coordinated pre-production meeting, to the flawless 2-day production, all the way through the post-production delivery, HINGE COMMERCE made this large-scale project seamless. The GDSN formatted photography allowed Hershey’s to provide all of our buyers and distributors with best-in-class content in a cost-effective manner. We look forward to working with HINGE COMMERCE on future eCommerce projects!” –Al Adams, Senior Manager, Hershey’s Foodservice

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