Swiss Imports is a distributor that specializes in selling Swiss-made consumer products, including Grether’s Pastilles, Curaprox dental products, Dr. Frei braces, and Pingo eco-friendly diapers.   HINGE COMMERCE has been working with Swiss Imports since its initial launch on Amazon, and we have helped drive continuous month-over-month growth and a business that is well over $1.5MM on Amazon.  Over the past 12 months, HINGE has helped grow the business by +75% versus year-ago.

To help Swiss Imports manage the other third-party sellers, HINGE COMMERCE established Brand Registry and Transparency for Grether’s Pastilles and provides on-going monitoring of 3P sellers.  The effort is paying off:  Swiss Imports’ Buy Box percentage has increased every month and is now at 87%.  Additionally, HINGE COMMERCE carefully researches keywords and updates copy for current and new listings, maximizing organic search results.  As a result, organic sales, page views, and conversion rates all continue to increase by double-digits versus the prior year.

Besides copywriting, creative content, and channel management, HINGE COMMERCE also provides Swiss Imports with market size and competitive assessments every six months, helping the business gauge changes in the category landscape, and identifying emerging search trends.

“I am proud to be a long-time client and friend to the team at HINGE COMMERCE.
Every single department at HINGE is involved in helping to grow my business.
I am grateful for their hard work, specialized skills, and e-commerce expertise.”

— Patrice LeMaire, CEO, Swiss Imports

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