Waterstone Brands, a licensee of Pendleton, has been working with HINGE COMMERCE since October 2019. In less than 6 months since launching on Amazon, the business is already off to a very strong start and continuing to show month-over-month increases, despite the coronavirus pandemic and FBA shipping delays.

HINGE COMMERCE helped to launch Waterstone Brands on Amazon right before Thanksgiving, so there was a need to just get the listings up quickly. Given the urgency to get listed before the holidays, the original product detail pages did not follow our normal best practices regarding the number of images, use of keywords on the front and backend, and inclusion of A+ content.

However, as soon as the listings were uploaded, the HINGE COMMERCE team quickly got to work optimizing them. New images, including lifestyle images, were added to all of the listings, additional keywords were added and the bullet points were expanded, and new A+ content was created. We also applied our automated customer feedback service and enlisted the brand in the early reviewer program, which increased the number of product reviews. As a result of all of these steps, Waterstone Brands’ minimum category bestseller ranking has improved by 25X in just 3 months!

“I have been so happy with the partnership from the team at HINGE COMMERCE. Their Amazon expertise has really helped to grow my brand. HINGE COMMERCE worked very quickly to get the Amazon business set-up and running smoothly in just a few months.  I have been very impressed and surprised by the month-over-month sales growth that we have seen. Thanks to the entire team, and a special thank you to Michelle Sickle and Austin Darnell for their hard work and dedication to Waterstone!”

Harvey Jones, President – Waterstone Brands

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