Get Your Automated 3P Seller Reports

3P Sellers

To help you to monitor your competition, HINGE Axis automatically pulls third-party seller reports for your entire product catalog on Amazon.  This data is updated every week.

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Amazon’s Seller Central Partner Network Welcomes Hinge Axis

eCommerce Software

The ground-breaking Amazon seller software, Hinge Axis, has been selected by Amazon to be included in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network.  Hinge Axis is a cutting-edge SaaS (software as a service) platform to manage and grow Amazon and other eCommerce businesses. 

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Hinge Axis Dashboard: Monitor & Optimize Your Amazon Business

eCommerce Platform

The Hinge Axis Dashboard enables Amazon Sellers to manage every aspect of your Amazon business from a single software. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business using our real-time, easy-to-read dashboard, integrating data from over 200 separate Amazon reports.

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As a certified Amazon agency, HINGE COMMERCE can provide the full range of Amazon DSP inventory, in addition to Amazon’s standard ad platforms. With these tools, we can help you maximize your brand reach, and drive awareness and consideration.

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Gear Up For Tax Season!

If you are like most people, thinking about tax paperwork may fill you with dread.  For online sellers on marketplaces like Amazon,, and even your own e-commerce sites, calculating and filing sales tax can be overwhelming. This article provides some basic tips to help you start to tackle your sales taxes for your digital…

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Track Your Competition Using Our Brand Share Tracking Report

Our customizable Competitive Brand Share Tracking Report tracks dollar sales, dollar share, pricing, reviews, and number of reviews for all the top selling SKUs in any given category on Amazon. We look at these metrics on an ongoing basis and the trends over time. In this tutorial HINGE GLOBAL’s Head of Research & Data Analytics, Kathy Cummins, reviews…

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