Why E-Commerce Expertise Matters

Success in e-commerce requires INFORMATION, STRATEGY, and EXPERTISE. This is the third and final part of our series focusing on the EXPERTISE.

There is a global shortage in e-commerce talent and there is no degree program specifically for “e-commerce.” This makes it difficult to find experienced talent that can focus on e-commerce in-house. Amazon, like other channels, changes rapidly — there are always new tools for sellers, new rules and tax regulations, category changes and more.

The following testimonial supports why it is imperative to have people with deep e-commerce expertise supporting your brands’ digital commerce efforts. Chico’s FAS, Inc. a $2.3B women’s fashion brand has over 1,000 SKUs selling on Amazon.  Eric Vincent, the Director of Business Development and Operations describes why Chico’s FAS chose HINGE COMMERCE to be their digital e-commerce agency:

They really provide thought leadership on the platform through a number of years’ experience. They have helped us with A+ content and really have nailed our marketing strategies. We really look forward to rapid growth and also expansion on the platform and one of the things that really drew us to HINGE was their ability to work internationally. I am really excited to announce this partnership and we look forward to a fruitful relationship in the future.”  – Eric Vincent

Unlike other e-commerce agencies, HINGE COMMERCE provides end-to-end solutions – demand planning, inventory management, creative design, digital marketing, price promotions, compelling content, data analysis, business tracking, and geographical expansion.  This seamless integration ensures that we deliver a synchronized solution to accelerate brands’ digital commerce worldwide.

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