Requirement Changes to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Amazon has been making significant improvements to its fulfillment to make delivery faster, transitioning from a 2-day to a 1-day delivery program for Prime customers. However, many Amazon sellers with Seller Fulfilled Prime (Amazon SFP) have not been able to match this timing because many of them do not operate on weekends. The changes to Amazon SFP in the U.S. are to improve the delivery speed for Prime customers, regardless of fulfillment channel. These changes will go into effect on February 1, 2021.


  • Sellers enrolled in SFP are required to have nationwide delivery coverage for all standard-size products on Prime enabled shipping templates (nationwide coverage includes only the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.) You can see which products are standard-size or oversize on the Manage Seller Fulfilled Prime page.
  • Sellers enrolled in SFP are required to use ship methods that support weekend delivery and pick up (Saturday or Sunday) to provide customers with a more consistent delivery experience throughout the week. View your Order fulfillment settings to set weekend options.
  • Sellers enrolled in SFP are required to meet targets for 1-day and 2-day delivery promises. These metrics measure the percentage of customer page views that displayed a one or two calendar-day delivery promise when your SFP offer was the featured offer, regardless of whether a purchase was made. These Delivery Speed targets ensure that customers have a similar experience regardless of who fulfills their Prime order.


Amazon will determine which products on SFP qualify for 1-day or 2-day shipping based on the page views of the listing. Amazon is rolling this out over a longer amount of time due to Covid.

Delivery Speed targets from February 1 – May 31, 2021:

Standard-size Oversize
1-Day or less product detail page views (%) 20% 5%
2-Day or less product detail page views (%) 55% 30%

Delivery Speed targets as of June 1, 2021:

Standard-size Oversize
1-Day or less product detail page views (%) 30% 15%
2-Day or less product detail page views (%) 70% 60%


Sellers’ listings that meet the threshold of page views would qualify for 1-day shipping.  If the customer selects 1-day shipping on checkout, then the seller would need to meet that shipping by/on-time shipment deadline. If Sellers are not able to meet the SFP requirements, this will go against their metrics for SFP and their overall account.  Unfortunately then, these Sellers’ SFP account may get suspended, so then they would only be able to ship FBM. The only way to get their account reinstated would be to conform to the policy and ship any order 1-day that is marked for 1-day ship. If Sellers continue to not follow policy after being reinstated, their entire account could get deactivated.

You can read more about the new SFP requirements, and new Amazon tools to help with this change here.  Winning on Amazon is not easy. Reach out to HINGE to help you review your account, and assess the appropriate fulfillment strategy you should use.

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