Employee Spotlight: Himanshu Vishnoi

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’ve been in the US now for four years. I live in Las Vegas, but I’m actually currently visiting my parents in Rajastan, India for the next few weeks. It’s been several years since I’ve seen my parents so it’s great to get some home-cooked meals. I moved to Las Vegas somewhat spontaneously because I have a good friend who lives there, but it has really worked out well. My work at Hinge Global gives me a lot of flexibility (since we all work from home), and Vegas has a great cost of living. I love hiking and I live five minutes from spectacular hiking at Red Rock Canyon. Zion, UT is only two hours away, and Yosemite, CA is only four hours away.

Before joining Hinge Global, I was a data analyst at a small company. Like many small teams, I wore a lot of hats including data science, SQL coding, and data visualization. I really enjoy working with numbers and data mining, so getting involved with advertising was just a natural next step.

Q. What is something you love about your work at HINGE?
I love advertising work at Hinge! ECommerce is definitely a challenging industry, and I get to work with a lot of our clients at Hinge, and see the full range of issues that they are faced with – from sports drinks to home textiles! Every situation is different. We really listen to our clients’ goals and try to solve their challenges. I love that we can help them.
For example, we have a large health supplement company. Their primary goal is to drive New To Brand customers, so I developed a set of advertising strategies to do that. Now we are driving hundreds of New To Brand customers every month — the client is really happy.

Q. There are constantly new advertising tools and tricks. What’s something new that you think folks should know about?
Remarketing is a fairly new tool in Amazon, within Sponsored Display. We always do a combination of Manual and Automated campaigns, and we have had great success with Sponsored brand videos. Several of our clients have also used Hinge Global for Amazon Demand-side Platform (Amazon DSP), to bring traffic from outside Amazon.

Q. You’ve worked at other places. What makes working at Hinge Global special?
I really like the flexibility that working at HINGE provides. They’ve enabled me to work from Vegas and travel to India, all while continuing to work. I really like the support I get within my team and also across departments. There is a great balance at HINGE, and everyone is willing to support you to achieve your goals. People are open to suggestions, and we work together to find solutions as a team.

Q. When you’re not at work flexing your eCommerce advertising muscles, what do you like to do?
I love hiking and camping. I have done the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, Angels Landing in Utah, and Avalanche in Wyoming. I am working towards Half Dome in Yosemite, and I’m interested in doing Mt Ranier.

We need to organize a HINGE group hike!

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