Employee Spotlight: Michelle Sickle

We are excited to announce the promotion of Michelle Sickle to head up our Account Management team. Alyssa Karrasch is moving to Denver to be closer to family (and good weather!) We wish Alyssa all the best in her future endeavors. Thank you, Alyssa, for all of the great impact that you have had on our business, our team, and our culture. 

Michelle Sickle has held roles in vendor management, buying, merchandising, and product development over the past 17 years. She comes with a wealth of experience from retail and e-commerce. Before her time at HINGE COMMERCE, she worked for Amazon, Lands’ End, Old Navy, and The Gap. Michelle is passionate about the retail industry and leads brands by having a dedication to the customer, reacting quickly in ever-changing trends, while staying focused on driving sales and impacting the bottom line.

Q. So Michelle, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a 15+ year retail veteran, with a background in merchandising, product development, buying, and e-commerce. I live in St. Louis, MO with my husband, toddler daughter and our lovable Shih Tzu, Jake.

Q. What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?
A. I love the fast pace of online retail, and that everyday is different. Each day the customer gives you a report card and tells you how you did on your strategy; and then you get to go and either capitalize on the successes or adjust to create new opportunities. There is never a dull moment. At HINGE COMMERCE, I get to do this across a variety of product categories and help our clients realize success on Amazon at a faster rate than they would on their own.

Q. What is your hidden talent?
A. I am super organized (my husband might say a bit OCD, his nickname for me is “cracker-stacker” because he once caught me stacking crackers in order of size on an international flight). For instance, my closet is in season and color order, going from sleeveless to long sleeve across the rainbow. I like to always know where everything is in the house, and find clutter to be the most distracting thing. I recently helped a neighbor reorganize their master bedroom closet (Marie Kando style, tossing out items that didn’t spark joy); both the wife and husband thanked me numerous times and have told me how much they love the new set up.

Q. Who is your favorite person to follow on social media?
A. I just love Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram, it makes me laugh out loud. I’ll check it out at the end of the day with a glass of wine when I need a pick me up (it’s my guilty pleasure). Also I absolutely LOVE Bon Appetit’s You Tube channel, I’m obsessed with all the test kitchen chefs, they are super helpful with tips and suggestions; and I have actually cooked a few of the recipes from the channel (Spicy-Sweet Sambel Pork Noodles and Fall Fruit Galette; both were delicious)!

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