Digiday | Amazon is Chasing Growth and Shifting Resources to Third-party Sellers

Third-party marketplace traction is picking up on Amazon thanks to more awareness and education on the selling model. There are networks of resources for small-business owners, big brands and resellers alike that explain how to get started selling on Amazon, and how to turn a profit doing so, by updating logistical changes to the marketplace and sharing tips and tricks.

When retail middlemen fall out of fashion, even Amazon has to switch gears.

Last year, Amazon pulled vendor managers off of all wholesale accounts that were doing less than $10 million a year in sales. And in Feb. 2018, it launched its Marketplace Growth program, which assigns a strategic account manager on Amazon’s team to help sellers navigate changes to the marketplace and act as a resource in solving problems and answering questions. Previously, Amazon’s Seller Central was a fully self-service marketplace, where sellers only get access to a dashboard and a generic “help” email for when problems arise.

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