B2B companies are quickly recognizing the power of e-commerce to help them reach new buyers for their products. This is true for foodservice manufacturers too.

Restaurants and businesses have historically relied on wholesale distributors to source their products. However, restaurants and businesses are increasingly turning to online channels, particularly when they are buying unique or smaller quantity items. For restaurants, e-commerce provides them with access to a limitless array of options and fast delivery. For foodservice manufacturers, e-commerce helps them reach new audiences and gives manufacturers direct control over prices, assortment, and digital content.

To grow its business, McCormick Foodservice decided to start selling on Amazon. However, when HINGE COMMERCE originally took over Amazon channel management for McCormick Foodservice, the business only had bare-bones digital creative content. HINGE COMMERCE created 25 A+ content across 12 brands, improved the product listings, incorporated more effective keywords, and created a storefront for the entire McCormick Foodservice catalog. Importantly our optimized keywords helped boost their search results and increased product discoverability and organic sales.

HINGE COMMERCE also took over on-going demand planning and product ordering.  This improved inventory management resulted in out-of-stock levels decreasing by 65%. This, together with improved search results and enhanced creative content delivered a 238% revenue lift in only 6 months.

Click HERE to see the McCormick Foodservice Amazon Storefront!

“The Hinge Global team have been great partners to McCormick’s. They have helped us make our content distinctive, improved search, marketing, and promotions to help grow our e-commerce business, and improved our inventory management. Our partnership with Hinge has led to a growing and profitable eCommerce business with Amazon.”

— Bjoern Leyser, Vice President Marketing, Sales and e-Commerce,
McCormick Branded Flavor Solutions

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