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eCommerce up but eBay down

Sales in eCommerce continue to grow every day, and Amazon still dominates with just over 40% market share in the US for 2021. Following Amazon is Walmart at 7.1% and eBay, dropping down to 4.3%.  It’s important to note while eBay is down in market share, they are still growing in revenue (up 2.8% over 2020). 

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eCommerce Software

Cutting-edge HINGE Axis Amazon Software Now Offers a “Forever Free” Plan for Automated Reporting

CINCINNATI , Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ HINGE Axis  is a unique SaaS software for Amazon sellers, developed by HINGE COMMERCE , a leading eCommerce consulting agency. HINGE Axis enables online sellers to manage and grow their Amazon businesses, while also saving them time and money. HINGE Axis offers a FREE PLAN  that enables Amazon sellers to pin-point the strategies that are working or not working on their business.  The HINGE Axis free plan covers all of the Advanced Reporting features , including: A Real-Time Dashboard — The Dashboard consolidates key performance metrics from over 200 separate Amazon reports into a single intuitive visual interface. Advertising Analytics — This allows eCommerce Advertising Managers to analyze paid search (PPC), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) performance, and eCommerce…

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