Mastering Q4: Utilizing Amazon’s Q4 Traffic with Search Query and Consumer Behavior Dashboards

Analyzing increased Q4 sales on Amazon doesn’t just stop at looking at your dollar revenue, margins, and ROI. You should also evaluate the increase in traffic both in keyword search results and on your product listings. In order to make the most of this increase in traffic, look to Amazon’s Search Query Performance and Consumer Behavior Analytics Dashboards. These Amazon Dashboards are available on any seller accounts with Amazon Brand Registry. Not only do they allow you to see where Amazon customers are dropping off in the sales journey to your products, but they can also be used to highlight new product opportunities in your selling categories.

Search Query Performance Dashboard

Within Brand Analytics on Amazon Seller Central, you will find the Search Query Performance dashboard which lists top search terms customers have used on Amazon that led to your brand’s listings or to a specific ASIN from your catalog. Use the provided filters to narrow down a timeframe relevant to your needs, though we recommend looking at this data over multiple months so you do not miss any search terms and can spot trends!

Once you run the report, Amazon will provide the following data for each “search query” (AKA: the search term used to find your brand):

  • Search Query Volume
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Cart Adds
  • Purchases

Within these metrics, Amazon also provides the total number of ASINs that resulted from the search (not just from your brand), and how often your brand or your ASIN was clicked compared to that total. This will give you your product’s impression and click share, a powerful metric to better target specific audiences. Using this data, you can follow the customer’s shopping journey to see which terms provide the most conversions/purchases. This data will also allow you to calculate your cart abandonment rate (Brand Count Purchases/Brand Count Cart Adds = Cart Abandonment Rate), which can help direct you to potential challenges that need to be addressed like price, delivery promise, and more.




Now that you have all these high-ranking search terms for your brand, you may be asking yourself how to put them to use. This is where a great team of copywriters and advertising specialists, like the one we have at Hinge Commerce, comes in!

After reviewing which search terms are the most relevant and best performing on Amazon searches for your products, we recommend the following SEO/Amazon A9 optimization updates:

  • Update your product descriptions, titles, or bullet points.
  • Refresh your backend keywords on your Amazon listings.
  • Utilize within Amazon PPC advertising for new campaign opportunities.
    •  It is key that both your keyword strategy on your listing and advertising keywords overlap to improve relevancy and Best Seller Rank (BSR) on Amazon.

Once you have made your updates, do not be discouraged if results aren’t apparent right away. Amazon’s A9 algorithm can take 30-90 days for keywords to ramp up on your listings. Make sure to review this dashboard throughout the year to keep up with current search trends Amazon customers are searching for to find your products.

Consumer Behavior Analytics Dashboards

Amazon Brand Analytics also provides Consumer Behavior Analytics for Seller Central accounts with Brand Registry. Today, we are going to look at the Repeat Purchase Behavior and Market Basket Analysis Dashboards.

For brands and product types that have a high repurchase rate, we recommend looking into Amazon’s Repeat Purchase Behavior dashboard to help identify which products over a given period of time Amazon customers are coming back to repurchase. Within the “ASIN View” of the dashboard, you will select your reporting time range (we recommend looking at this monthly or quarterly, depending on a product’s logical repurchase rate), then the dashboard will display your products, the sales for the given time range, as well as statistics on how many units were ordered repeatedly and how many customers had repeat orders.

Amazon allows you to sort these results by any of these metrics so you can easily spot which products have resulted in the highest number of repeat orders. Using this data to then enroll those products into Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program (if fulfilling via FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon) is a great way to boost sales and build brand loyalty with a stable consistent flow of automatic reorders.



If you do not find that you have the same product repeatedly purchased, you will want to investigate Amazon’s Market Basket Analysis insights which shows you which products are most frequently bought together from your brand. Again, we recommend adjusting your reporting range to monthly or quarterly, and for this example, we will be filtering the results further to have only products purchased together from your brand.

The dashboard will provide you with the top three purchase combinations for a given product within your chosen time frame as well as the percentage of times the products were purchased together.


After you find the best combinations of products in your brand, we recommend looking into utilizing this data to:

  • Create new product bundles to increase basket size.
  • Adding complimentary product advertisements to the product listing page on Amazon to drive traffic to those items frequently bought together.

While Q4 is a great time to take advantage of these dashboards, it’s always best to review and refresh the data every few months to stay on top of your customer’s search and purchasing behavior! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by either pulling the data from these dashboards, analyzing it for next steps, or implementing new opportunities, the Hinge Commerce teams are ready to provide you with a deeper level of analysis and insights to help you grow on Amazon!

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